True Blood, How I love it

I usually watch everything HBO, but I have fallen behind of late. I had customers asking about this since last year so I was interested in what Ball’s latest foray was about. I had to spend a fair amount of money to risk having Blu depth on these TV on Blu sets – but this one did not disappoint me in any way. The story has been reviewed plenty here, so I dissected the features and quality.

The picture looks very professional, and there was plenty to go wrong with the majority of it being filmed at night. The colors of the outdoors in each night landscape look vivid, and the special effects still appear adequate considering the difficulties of getting it right (darkly lit interiors). Their is some sparse grain depending on the location, but it was a pleasure to see everything – plenty of flesh tones (yes there is lots of sex) that all look clear and porous.

The sound is what sells this though. The DTS gets used extensively in each episode. Sookie’s thought reading can be overwhelming at times, you almost want to isolate one of the channels and listen to that one thought as all five channels are sometimes filled with conflicting voices. Even the low-key scenes had some nice outer channel usage – loved every minute of it.

The special features are catered to both the lay True Blood person like myself and the avid followers. Your player has to be enabled appropriately to handle all of the PIP and text boxes that appear in the enhanced viewing. The hints were somewhat corny at times, but I still learned some interesting things about the characters. The PIP is a solid 1080 and appears just little enough to not be that distracting on a first watch. The commentaries from Ball are the best, and provide some decent insight on his creative process while still getting a few slams in there on the critics and story changes.

Pretty much amazing. Any fans need to go get this for blu-ray NOW.

I ordered it pretty cheap at and it was worth every penny.
Just read the reviews


My collection!

I have about 455 blu-ray movies total. Yes I know. Im a addict. I love blu-ray movies. Of course that costs alot of dough. Too much dough for me. But I save quite a bit from buying it from 3rd party sites like this one.